Women of the New // Artist Interview : Super Future Kid

We are so excited to host our second installment of the Women of the New Contemporary at our new home in Anaheim.  We are honored to host this group show that highlights some of the best and most progressive artists from around the globe.  We interviewed each artist contributing to the WOTN show to get to know them better and, since most of them were a part of last year's show as well, find out what's new and exciting in their art careers.

Artist Bio
Super Future Kid’s mixed media paintings explore a wide range of subjects. Employing bold colors in oils, acrylics, gouache and spray paint, SFK combines an array of ideas, symbols, images and patterns to a joyful chaos that synthesizes banality with the extraordinary. Her work provides a platform which is emotionally engaging and gives the observer an opportunity to discover places of a dreamlike reality. Super Future Kid attended the Chelsea Collage of Art and Design and the Academy of Art Berlin Weissensee where she graduated in 2008. Since then, she has participated in exhibitions nationally and internationally in cities including London, New York, Los Angeles, Dallas and Berlin. 

Interview with Super Future Kid by Amanda Raynes:

In the past year what things have changed for you?
The past year had been somewhat of an emotional rollercoaster with the passing of my dad and shortly after having my first ever solo show in the US and also visiting the west coast for the first time and then there were things like waking up to Brexit and Trump. I feel that overall the past year had thrown me a little bit off balance which also made me slow down in my practice but I think that I am properly back on track now, life goes on and we are all in the same boat after all, right?!

...and have you been exploring anything new with your work? 
Yes and no, one part of me is reconnecting with ideas I had in my work about 5 years ago and another part is trying to find a new means of painting, both technically and visually. So in a way its like moving in a spiral, coming back to a familiar point every couple of years but on a somewhat higher level hopefully.

What kind of things will you be working on for the show?
I am currently quite thrilled by looking at old masters such as Titian, Quinten Metsys, Caravaggio and the like, particularly the clothing with their heavily folded robes and the pathetic poses and expressions and things like that but I’m also still very much floating on a pastel neon 80’s kiddo vibe and then those things just melt together on my canvas.

Being a female artist myself I am especially curious to hear how your art path has been, specifically as a woman in the art world…can you talk a little bit about your experiences along the way?

To be honest I have so far never really experienced any gender related differences in the way I am being approached or treated as an artist. It might be because my artist name doesn't really give away wether I am male or female at first glance. I have even found blog posts about my work where people refer to me as a He or people write me messages online calling me bro and dude…so I am not really sure bout this whole female male thing. Its a difficult subject I suppose, personally I don't consider myself or my work to be necessarily female but I also don't think that what I do is particularly male either.

The world has changed greatly in the past year - as a woman what kind of change would you like to see happen and do you use your artwork to communicate that?
I do hope that people will come to their senses and see how little hatred and aggressiveness achieves. We should instead start to see the value that lies in being different, just live and let live. Be happy and kind to other people, that is what I think and I hope that it also reflects in my work somewhere.

What/Who are you inspired by lately - are there particular things you are reading, looking at or listening to that are a part of your creative process?
My sources for inspiration come from everywhere in some smaller or bigger measure. It comes from bits I hear on the radio or spotify- lyrics, titles of songs, stuff I see on Netflix, bits from books, ideas from old sketch- and notebooks, jall kinds of stuff basically likeTie dye patterns, Mickey mouse, zombies, surfers, flames and melting ice cream.