June 10, 2017 : Creating Your Animal Totem with Lindsay Carron
$ 5.00

Artists Republic Summer Series
June 10, 2017

Creating Your Animal Totem: Discovering, Connecting, and Drawing the Animal Inside of You! 

Join children’s book illustrator and art activist Lindsay Carron in designing your own animal totem.  Using native wisdom techniques, Lindsay will guide you to find a deeper connection to the animal realm and how to create an art piece to represent this knowledge held within.  

Workshop will include:

- Teachings on the traditions of the animal totem and totem pole held by indigenous groups in various parts of the world 

- Engaging and spirited practices of discovering and getting to know the animal within, practicing the animal senses and how they can help us as humans navigate 

- Partner practice of drawing each other and the animals we perceive inside the other 

- Drawing, collaging, and watercolor painting to create your final animal totem